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A customer enquires about the service price for a 60,000 km service on a
VW Sharan 1800 1.8T AJH 2005. First you have to establish what is included in a 60,000 km service; you consult ESI{tronic} or consult the manufacturers agent. Then you will have to phone your suppliers for the prices of service parts. Now you have to calculate the price for the customer. If you are lucky the process will take you less than 30 minutes. There is now an easier way! Just select \'get an Estimate\" and follow the instruction to get to the right car and model.

If you need more detailed information
go to: to the dealer pages of AutoEstimate .
Username - you get from Peter Kohler Password - You get from Peter Kohler Select the vehicle manufacturer - select range - select model.
You will reach the dealer pages of AutoEstimate with the following information:
Service intervals as recommended by the manufacturer (15 = 15,000km; 60 = 60,000 km), labour and part quantities, part numbers, part costs, mark up on parts, gross profit per line item, total gross profit made on service in Rand and as GP percentage.

When you subscribe to AutoEstimate you can personalize AutoEstimate to your requirements. We will use your labour rates and your mark ups on parts and lubricants. We will isue a username and password for you and only your authorized staff and will be able to enter your dealer pages.

Please contact Peter Kohler or use \"Contact us\" on this website.

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Preparation of Custome made AutoEstimate website,using labour rates and part mark ups supplied by the individual Bosch Service.
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